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Instructions to Remove Cookies

How can I delete India Factoring cookies on my computer?

When you change your preferences for the various cookie categories to "No" on the Cookie policy page, this will stop the India Factoring website using cookies on your computer. Once they reach the timeout indicated for the particular cookie they will be automatically deleted from your device.  Should you be unwilling to wait for this period to expire and wish to immediately delete these cookies from your device you should consult the help files of your web browser so that you may understand how you can manually delete the cookies used by this website.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that websites send to the computer or mobile device that is being used to visit the India Factoring website. Through these cookies, we are able to save your settings for our website, and, maintain your progress when switching between pages on the website. An example of the functionality provided by these cookies is that they allow you to remain logged into our internet banking portal every time you change the page on your internet banking session.

How can I manage what cookies India Factoring stores on my computer?

Our website provides you with the option to choose what category of cookie you allow it to store on your computer via our cookie policy page. Due to the fact that some cookies are required to allow the basic functionality of the site to function correctly, you will not be able to control the use of these cookies. You will find these cookies grouped under the Necessary category. You are however able to choose whether India Factoring can store cookies which provide additional, optional functionality. These cookies are grouped under the Statistical category. Manage Cookies Here

Why does India Factoring also store cookies that aren’t required for the functionality of the website on my device?

India Factoring uses statistical cookies to allow us to provide you with a better user experience. Through these "optional" cookies we are able to gain an understanding of how you use our website, which pages you visit, and, how long you spend on each page. Through this information we can help improve the design of the website. The data collected by these cookies is anonymised and so does not identify you in any way.

Do India Factoring cookies store information about other websites or any other activity you do on your device?

The simple answer here is No! The cookies used on the India Factoring website are solely designed to improve your user experience when visiting the India Factoring website and we do not capture any other activity at all.